Nano 11-29 Two

After the NCAA Tournament, DJ had some down time. Or at least some time in the evening that wasn’t 100 percent on-call. She was fully and completely exhausted after the season and she had made up her mind that she was done. That was her last basketball season. She thought. She hoped. She asked Lesa to meet her after work… Read more →

Nano 11-29

Rhett was able to get control of her day drinking by taking a few days off after Thanksgiving. By wrapping her time off around a holiday, she hoped that no one noticed her absence. But it was athletics and she wasn’t a coach, so more than likely people noticed. She went to the women’s basketball tournament to make an appearance… Read more →

Nano, 11/28 Two

Lesa worked with the men’s soccer team which, even though she knew it shouldn’t, gave her confidence. Being a woman, she didn’t expect the opportunity to work a men’s sport. Being young, she had no idea how important it would be to work any men’s sport, other than soccer, to advance her career. But working with this team, single handedly… Read more →

Nano, 11-28

Saturday home football games were always a challenge for Rhett. A typical Friday night was a handful of pistachio nuts and half a bottle of Crown Royal. She didn’t shower or prepare the night before game days, always assuming she would have time on Saturday to get herself presentable before kickoff.  Football games were held off campus, three toll booths… Read more →

Nanowrimo, November

Lesa loved being part of an NCAA Division I basketball team, even if her role was marginal. Her career goal was to become a writer and even though all paths were leading that direction she decided to focus on working in an athletics department with the hope that her dedication to support and promote the sports she loved would be… Read more →

Nanowrimo Day 8

DJ hadn’t been to Rhett’s office for a visit since October, right around the time basketball practice became official. Of course the team had been practicing since the players returned to campus in August, but officially – legally in terms of compliance – they began mid-October which would make her three quarter mile trip across campus a little over four… Read more →

Nanowrimo Day 4,5,6

Lesa was excited to join the sports information department for lunch, a real team outing. For some reason, everyone drove separately, but Lesa took Mark up on his offer to drive. She wasn’t sure if taking individual cars was a sign of poor engagement, bad drivers or something else. Mark picked an Italian restaurant and everyone but Cody arrived at… Read more →

Nanowrimo – Day 3

“So you are a basketball coach?” “Assistant coach, yes. Coming from Texas. And this is salsa from a jar.” “I think it is good, even if it came from a jar. It goes great with my wooter.” Lesa, disturbed with the distraction of her attempted conversation, ignored the bait but DJ obliged. “Where are you from, Doug? That pronunciation of water… Read more →

Nanowrimo Day 2

“I’ll tell ya where it will take you, to another internship,” Lesa explained. “I just finished a graduate assistantship and took this job, as a sports information assistant. All the same work as an assistant director, minus health insurance, paid leave and money. That sounds a lot like an internship, doesn’t it?” Rhett stood in the dark hallway of the… Read more →

Nanowrimo Day 1

It doesn’t matter that the alarm clock hasn’t clamored on, the sun is beaming through both the north and east windows of the crammed bedroom, doing its best to encourage the day to start. People who don’t live in Florida think the sun will cure any of their issues. Have trouble getting out of bed and going to work? Move… Read more →