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So this is it, my website dedicated to a blog. I’ve never really been a reader of blogs but I have often thought I would entertain myself by writing one. The problem always seemed to be, in addition to lack of time, a reliable subject to write about on a regular basis.

A “friend” of mine on Facebook recently posted her first blog and it said “I needed a blog to give myself some street credibility in the social media universe.” I Tweet, I have Facebook, I did the whole MySpace thing, I’m on Linkedin, I even have Athlinks and Mapmyrun profiles, but I too, have never blogged. So, I’m giving this a try. Welcome.

Currently I read one blog daily. I like this one because I know the writer and I enjoy his random links. I read several of the blogs on gobearcats.com and a blog on BIG EAST football, all of which are more like columns in a newspaper. I’m assuming my blog will be less links and more writing. I believe that because I finally have something to write about on a regular basis.

I signed up for piano lessons.

Once a week I will go to a class, for an hour, to learn how to play the piano. Someone I know loaned me a keyboard so I can practice and asked me “do you have rhythm” (which is why I said someone I know, all of my friends know that I have flawless rhythm) which makes me almost completely ready to take the class. I only need to buy the book and I will be ready to start pounding out beautiful noise.

I informed my coworkers today that I was taking the class and the common response was, “Why?” I can’t say that I have always had a burning desire to learn, but I do love the piano. I love Harry Connick Jr. and I have a passion for Tori Amos songs that forces me to close my eyes with joy – which usually isn’t a problem unless I am driving or on a treadmill.

We had a piano in our house growing up, although I am not sure it was ever in tune, and my grandmother had a piano at her house. I didn’t have the patience as a kid to sit inside and do anything, which is probably why I never had lessons but now, I’m giving it a try.

I have to think about it a little longer, but this may be the first thing I will do, by choice, that isn’t related to sports or exercise. I hope I find success and pleasure in this as I did playing sports. Either way, stop back to find out how it’s going – and to see if I post anything about sports (how could I not?).

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