Day One

Today marked the first day of my piano lessons. I received a phone call in the morning to inform me that 10 minutes will be added to each class to compensate for the lost time of next week – because we won’t have class.

I ran over to the bookstore to buy the required text for the course and found out that the book section of bookstores have not changed much since the 90’s. I found my book right away and noticed the price almost quicker. A cd and 35 pages, bound with a cheap plastic coil, $26.95. Fortunately I get a discount and really, it’s not that much, but for what I got – it’s ridiculous.

I made sure the woman who rang up my purchase was aware of my disbelief, mostly just to make conversation. I told her I was going to start writing text books so I could hit the jackpot. She said, “Have you ever thought about writing a book?” I said, “Of course, I majored in English. But I work in athletics, what could I possibly write about that people would want to read?” A smart young lady, she responded with, “I’d imagine there are a lot of things you could write about in that area that people would want to read.” She’s right, but like I told her, then I wouldn’t have a job.

I found the classroom and waited until the professor came and opened the door. I took a seat at the “piano” that was equipped with headphones and a microphone. There are four of us in the class and an understudy that I presume is going to teach the next group of piano-playin-wannabes. The professor, Alex, was incredibly nice and had an amazing sense of understanding. He had us introduce ourselves – something that usually causes me to have trouble breathing – but I told everyone my name and that I had no experience in music. I said why I was there and for some odd reason the understudy said, “Do you play soccer? You look like a soccer player.” Really?, I thought. I am 5-8, most soccer players I know are like 5-4 max. Anyway, I said no, I work in athletics across campus. That seemed to shock Alex, me working on campus, but we moved on to the next person who apparently is pretty old and thought it was necessary to tell us about every decade of music he enjoys.

Overall, the class was enjoyable. I’m very happy with my decision to take it and learn something new.

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