Day Two

Today started like any other day, waking up late and having plans to start a new diet plan, hoping for a quick fix. Today’s quick-fix was a cleansing that started with 32 ounces of salt water. I think I drank about 20 ounces before my co-worker sent me a message that said, “Let’s go to KFC and get the double-down.” I thought about it and agreed to go. A double-down, some coleslaw, wedges and a biscuit later, I spent the afternoon fighting sleep and experiencing a certain level of cleansing.

I picked up the dog and took care of him before returning to campus for piano class. While walking to class I saw two “men” dressed in ties, looking fancy. When I noticed the one dude was wearing all of his Sunday best, except socks, I thought about how things haven’t really changed since I was in college. There are still frat boys, jocks, hacky-sack kids, there is still the random hippie, the girls who tan on campus as soon as the sun comes out – it just hasn’t changed that much. Sure, college students now have wireless internet and everyone has a computer, which is totally different, but the kids are kind of the same.

It wasn’t really a long walk to class but my mind managed to wander off to how things haven’t changed that much for me since college either. What have I missed? Most people my age have kids and a house and take vacations and worry about how they are going to retire and send their children to college and, let’s face it, are probably divorced and remarried.

No kids, no college to worry about, no thoughts of retirement, not married, not divorced and a vacation is something only administrators can afford time and financially to take. We are constantly reminded to take a vacation, to relax and regroup, but realistically, if my mother died in a car crash on a Saturday morning I would still be expected to work a football game Saturday night. Ironically, the day my grandmother died I was working a football game – and kept working it – until it ended and I broke down in my boss’s arms. That loyalty has got me nowhere – it’s just expected.

I have no idea what I have missed. I have no hobbies – do I like to ski (never done it), hike (never done it), fish (not as an adult) – would I have a motorcycle or scooter if I had free time? I’ve only had one garden and planted two flowers (that didn’t live), and the extent of my around-the-house renovation was demolition. While that was awesome, usually there’s a second part to it. My dad used to whittle – I can’t even afford a knife. And god-forbid I cut my hand, I couldn’t type stats or press releases. I have a cool camera my dad got while in Vietnam – I’ve never taken a class to learn how to use it. I’m not even sure they offer classes for camera’s that aren’t digital nowadays. I work in sports, I play sports. I can afford to run and I try to make that happen so I can eat the ridiculous amounts that I enjoy.

So I am taking piano lessons. Day two of a new hobby. We are learning to read music, which isn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be, and today we added bass and drums to what we learned. Until it became too tricky and the instructor said, “Let’s kill the drums, they are maniacs.” I seem to be learning from sound as much as anything, but have to admit I’m scared to death about the idea of making both hands play at the same time. Until then, I’ll practice Feelin’ Groovy one hand at a time.

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