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old nike tennis shoes

My older brother came to visit yesterday and we had some fun with the keyboard, showing each other what we know how to play. Of course, I can play nothing, but I showed him what I know how to do and he played a few things and spoke “music” to me.

I asked him if he could read music and then showed him a Tori Amos song that I would like to know how to play – just a part of it. He told me that Tori Amos was classically trained and was a prodigy and that I probably should try to learn a Norah Jones song. I think that is pretty funny. Poor Norah.

Today I decided to go to work and after many discussions related to change and improvement for athletics, I went to borrow a football for my pending flag football season. On the way there I passed a woman wearing some seriously old Nike sneakers.

I have a lot of sneakers, tennis shoes, kicks. I’m not a shoe person – I wear the same shoes nearly every day – but I have a significant amount of sneakers. My mother is a shoe person and when I saw this lady I realized that my mom was the first one in our family to have a pair of Nike tennis shoes.

I don’t remember her playing tennis or running, so could her purchase have been an attempt to be hip? I never really thought of my mom as hip, except maybe her eyebrows and her Mickey Mouse watch, but she had a genuine pair of Nike’s in 1980. I guess she was cool.

She plays the piano too. I can’t recall her ever doing it, but I know she can. We have agreed to play the piano together the next time we see each other and there is a piano around.

My Sneaker List:

Brooks Adrenaline

Asics Gel 1140

Four pair of adidas Supernova Sequence

adidas Supernova Sequence 2

adidas Superstar

adidas Copa Mundial

Nike Air Pegasus

Saucony Hurricane

adidas Response

adidas Supernova Glide

I look at this list and realize that I don’t have that many shoes! Stop back next week and I will have a complete list of my shorts collection – over 70 pair of gym shorts from various universities.

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