Story Time

dog sitting

Things haven’t been the best for me since, oh, January. Things have been lousy enough that I would label 2010 an ongoing no-win situation for me. As much as I want to believe everything is better now, as much as I implement the power of positive thinking, I am dealing with multiple obstacles that keep me in a constant state of anticipation.

Although it seems something unwanted happens twice for each time something pleasant happens, I want to share a good moment. Please note, I have been criticized for writing blogs that are too long, I expect this one will be lengthy.

At work the other day one of my favorite co-workers said to me, “Lara, you have the best stories.” That comment made me feel great. It was my good moment of the week, maybe even the month. Especially since I make up nearly every story I tell at work.

It’s not that I make them up, I just make them better. I told this same guy that I once asked a man walking on the side of the road where a golf course was located. He was shirtless, shoeless, and clearly was walking home from a night with a lady after a few too many beers. Turns out he was actually walking to his car, but he asked if I would take him to his house, which was on the way to the golf course.

“Did you take him,” bewildered co-worker asked.

“Yes, of course,” I answered. “It’s not like I couldn’t tell he didn’t have a gun. He was barely wearing clothes.”

After several rounds of going back and forth I told my co-worker, could I really make this stuff up? I mean, come on, really? At which point he believed me.

Now, the truth is, I wasn’t alone when we picked this dude up. I was scared crapless, riding with a normal person who apparently turns into a lunatic with the slightest suggestion of being late. Since we were lost, odds were high we were going to be late. So we pick this guy up and find the course. I nearly died of fear. She said there were two of us, we could “take him” if we needed to do so.


This leads me to a story a different, but still favorite, co-worker recently told me. I told him I was dog sitting and had to run home to take care of him before the game I was to work started. Co-worker asked me all kinds of questions about the dog – was he small, was he hyper, did he bark a lot, etc. I explained to him that the dog was huge, quiet, spoiled, and liked to watch television – alone. And then he told me:

“A guy asked me to take care of his dog once. I took him, we only had our daughter then, and this little dog stayed with us for at least a week. All through our house he went, anywhere he wanted he played in our house. Turns out the dog had fleas. I had to bomb our house to get rid of all the fleas. When I gave the dog back and told the owner about the fleas, he felt so bad he never asked anyone to dog sit again. He took the dog to get boarded for his trips and one time, the little dog forgot he was little and a big dog killed him.”

Was he telling the truth? I hope not. I didn’t ask. Let’s hope he was just making his story “better” and I can give him some tips on how to do that properly. After all, I do tell the best stories.

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