Not Particularly Deep Thoughts

I am certain that piano class will be pretty much the same as it has been each week, and probably a lot like last week since I didn’t make time to practice again. I will attempt to write this week’s blog different from all the other weeks, mimicking one of my favorite blogs, Thinking Out Loud. Of course I will probably write about nothing similar, he has his own unique interests. Maybe that’s why I like it, I learn so much about random guy stuff.

On Friday a friend of mine unexpectedly died. While we didn’t hang out or talk on a regular basis, we did golf and work together on more than one occasion. She had moved from Cincinnati back to her home state of Wisconsin just a few weeks ago and will be missed by many. She was my age, which is way too early to go.

On to happier thoughts.

I have a friend named Honey Brown. Really. I have a sorority sister named Dreama Teets (not anymore she’s married). One of my professors purposely skipped her name during roll call because he thought a colleague was playing a joke on him. When he told me that story, I didn’t get it. I guess
guys really do think about boobs and sex all of the time.

I love that Dairy Queen commercial with the creepy lips. Did I just use bacon as a verb? Maybe…

This weekend I went to Maifest in Covington, Ky. I’d tell you something about it but I don’t remember much. I know there was a woman singing in a band and playing a washboard that was on her chest. That alone is one of the many reasons I love Kentucky, it makes West Virginia look good.

I think almost everyone enjoyed Betty White on Saturday Night Live. Now folks on Facebook are requesting Carol Burnett, which would probably be equally entertaining. I had a co-worker tell me
once that the reason I liked Jay Leno better than David Letterman is because I’m old. Maybe that’s why I like these “older” hosts. Plus, muffin and taco jokes are funny.

The Classic
Margarita Traditional Lime by Mike’s
is pretty delicious. Allyn’s Café on Columbia Parkway has Abita, a highly consumed beverage by me while in New Orleans.

Currently in first place of their division, our own Cincinnati Reds. Currently in first place of Office Baseball – Home Run Derby, Lara Thornton – the only female who participates in the popular office contest.

My 20-year high school reunion is coming up this summer. Shocking.

Lastly, I’m down 12 pounds. I have many more to go but I’m convinced summer, sunny, enjoyable weather is right around the corner, keeping me motivated and going to the gym.

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