More Not Particularly Deep Thoughts

While watching hockey (why?) this weekend I noticed an African American player on the Canadiens team. Our office has often discussed the number of African American hockey players in the NHL, but I wondered how many, if any, African American NASCAR drivers are active. “I should write a book on the history of African American NASCAR drivers,” I joked. “It would be a short book.”

Boy was I correct.

Apparently, unofficially, Elias Bowie was the first African American NASCAR driver, finishing in 28th in the Grand National Series race on July 31, 1955. That is according to Rebecca Gladden.According to the ever-reliable,
there have been three African American NASCAR drivers. And if you believe,
there are three active African American drivers, Bill Lester in the Truck Series, Derek Strong – a former NBA player – and Mark Davis, in the Nationwide Series. I did not find any of those names in any of the “rosters” listed on

So who knows. And since I’m not writing a book about it, I do not have the urge to look into it further.

I watched the Twilight movies this weekend. I liked them, and am shocked to admit it. But really, if you enjoy six-pack abs, watch the second movie. Seriously. And if you want to understand the second movie, watch the first one.

Since my piano lessons end soon – my last class is tomorrow, although the instructor says it ends the following week, I will be on a vacation making tomorrow the end – I decided to take on a new project. I mean, I could clean, sort, organize, etc., etc., etc. to keep me busy, but it’s much
more fun to dream up new things to try.

A few weeks ago I was told that Graeter’s Ice Cream had a chocolate-almond flavor of ice cream, but ruined it by adding coconut. Who would do that? After confirming that they did add coconut to what sounded like a delicious flavor, I searched for my own chocolate-almond ice cream recipe. Yesterday, I decided to try it.

First, I needed an ice cream maker. Lowes had one on sale.

Second, I needed a bunch of milk. I did not, however,realize that I needed chocolate milk.

I get home, set up the ice cream maker, and learn that I need rock salt. So I went back out and bought rock salt.

Next trip home, I started on the recipe. That’s when I realized I needed chocolate milk. Out I went again, grabbing some chocolate milk.

Back home, I’m ready now. I put everything together, I mix everything together, I open the freezer and I have a grand total of three trays of ice. I elected not to go back out for ice, trying to make it with the limited amount of ice that I had, but luck was not on my side.

I am ready now. I have been “making” ice for day now and will have chocolate-almond ice cream tonight. Hopefully it will be an awesome treat. And if not, I will keep looking for a good recipe. Perhaps I will make a list before I go out the next time.

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