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Tonight was my last piano class. It was a bit of a cluster as our professor left at 7 p.m. to go look for a new car and a second professor took over. She clearly teaches a different way than Alex and most of us were confused in the last half hour, trying to roll with her way of guiding us.

I wish I could say I can play a song, or that I can instantly read music, but I just didn’t get that much out of it. I can do “stuff” and I learned plenty, but there isn’t a final accomplishment to brag about. Unlike the recital I did at the end of my first and only ballet class when I was a child.

So now I have to ask myself, what I should do next? I was in a running group on Tuesday nights, pretty much since I moved to Cincinnati. I got so irritated with it because I paid to go be frustrated with the overwhelming size of the group and the missing attempt to address that issue. So I don’t think I want to do that again. Plus, another running store in town does a group that costs 60 percent less. That starts late June, so perhaps I will get in a new running group.

If I could find someone that wanted to golf every Tuesday evening, I would love that. But I would be broke by July. I imagine I could wander out alone and ride one of my two bikes, but without having a reliable person to call if I crashed, it just doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Of course I will continue to search for the perfect ice cream recipe. Maybe I will read (not likely) or write something substantial (too many distractions) or learn a new computer skill (so I can have a new variety of additional duties as assigned) but only time will tell.

I do intend to continue sharing stories on this site, ones I find amusing or entertaining. We have added a comment section to the articles posted so if you have any suggestions or topics you think I may have an interesting take on, please leave your thoughts.

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