Wednesday Boot Camp

After my piano class ended I decided to take up an offer to attend a free boot camp workout. Apparently some friends get together and work out at the same park where I play Frisbee. I was somewhat nervous to attend because I did not really know anyone. I met two people that go to the boot camp one time while playing Frisbee. I was offered free Reds tickets, a perfect reason to bail on the workout, but couldn’t find anyone to go with me. I figured that was a sign to do the workout.

Making an uninformed assumption that there wouldn’t be much cardio at boot camp, I did my normal 40 minute cardio workout at lunch.

I showed up at the park and bumped into some women that looked like they were doing the workout. “First-timer here,” I announced. They welcomed me, told me what to bring and – after finding out my name and how I learned about the group – eventually introduced themselves. Not that I had any doubt with the near perfect physique of the tall one, it turns out she was the group leader.

We waited for others to arrive and the two women I know from Frisbee came strolling down to us. We chatted for a bit and one of them asked me, “So what school are those shorts from?” I told her St. John’s but before I answered, nearly in unison, the rest of the group said, “Oh that’s who she is, the one with the shorts.”

Confused, yet excited about my next two pair, I informed them that Miami (OH) and Tulsa shorts are my next two additions to the collection.

A few other ladies showed up and this group was clearly a mix of size, shapes, and fitness levels. One chick apparently cut her finger while opening a can of beans, which everyone poked fun at, but she shot a 42 with nine fingers while playing golf the day before, quieting any additional humor sent her way.

So we start this workout with sprints, slides (basketball nightmare), grapevines and never-ending pushups and dips. My heart rate was at 173 in the first eight minutes and I think my watch started smoking because of all the blinking and beeping it was doing (my target range is 156).

Next up – more sprints. I am reminded of how I used to run really fast in basketball practice, but couldn’t run distance to save my life. Now, however, sprinting is just a laughing matter. There is not much difference between sprinting and jogging, even though I swear I am making an effort. Now 12 minutes into the workout, there isn’t a dry spot on my t-shirt and sweat is dripping off my head.

Somewhere in the mix we did a combo of 10 slides with long sprints. I really don’t bend properly to do slides – and because it reminded me of playing defense, which I never did well, that part was a blur.

Since we weren’t dead, we started doing jumping jacks, squat jacks, mountain climbers, mary catherine’s and something else – she had crazy names for each routine. And she asked me every time if I knew what they were and I ALWAYS said no, just to catch my breath while she showed me.

I will never do cardio before this workout again.

On to the portion of the workout which involved lifting. We did arms, we did squats, we did core. I took some breaks, cut back on some reps, but for the most part I handled that well, except – not surprisingly – I could not do much core. There were times on my mat that I couldn’t do the exercises because I was sweating so much I slipped. There were times I just flat out couldn’t do what everyone else flipped through with ease. Instead of just hanging my head during the parts I was unable to accomplish, I did crunches – just to be doing something.

Some of the ladies started heckling the instructor with questions of ‘why so hard’ and ‘why are you trying to hurt us’ which she answered, “Hey, I didn’t make you come here. You came by choice.” She was right, but that didn’t stop my mind from thinking about tackling her if I only had the strength.

She told me to work on my planks to increase my back strength and we wrapped up the workout. I somehow made it to my car and was able to push the clutch in and change gears while driving home, but that also was a challenge.

It’s been two days since the workout and I still haven’t gone to pee. I’m guessing I sweat out everything until at least Tuesday. I’ve told several people about the workout and how dumb I am for doing it – some have responded – “No pain, no gain” – prompting my ‘I’m going to tackle you’ thoughts, others have just agreed with me and said I’m stupid.

My only concern afterwards was the popping of my knee, it has been swollen since, but it’s nothing a little ice won’t fix (I hope). However stupid and painful the workout, I will positively do it again.

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