Road Racin’

I have spent years and years trying to figure out my dream job. I’m happy where I am, I like what I do, but for the better part of my career I was either miserable or borderline content with my chosen profession. People would say, “What have you always wanted to do?” or “Do what you love and it won’t feel like work; what do you love to do?” and I just couldn’t answer. All I thought about as a kid was getting a scholarship so I could go to college for free. I did.

No thought had been applied on what to do after that four years ended.

Now that I do like my job, I think I have discovered my dream job. Of course it doesn’t exist, but that’s part of the dream. So here it is: I want to be a race critic. Part columnist, self-proclaimed expert, writer and critic all rolled up into one entertaining and useful package. We have food critics, we have film critics, we have book critics, music critics, cruise critics, technology critics, heck there are even blog critics. Why not a road race critic?

A small audience would appreciate my efforts and I would be paid to do what I like – running (slowly) road races. I wouldn’t qualify for the Boston Marathon and wouldn’t have the patience to wait for an entry to the New York Marathon, but who needs to read a review or critique of those? If you run, you know about them. My work would be more for the non-competitive runners.

To properly evaluate the races a point system would be used: pre-race (cost, goodie bag, expo, porta-potties, etc.) 2 point maximum; course (design, fans, space, water, safety) 4 point maximum; post-race (food treats,water location, and entertainment) 4 point maximum. A perfect race would total 10 points.

Oddly, I apparently had a hankering to do this prior to considering it as a dream job. I ran a website when I lived in Orlando, Florida called “Fit Orlando.” I couldn’t figure out exactly what I wanted it to cover. First, it was to be a source – where to go to find running trails, routes, bike trails,and gyms in Orlando. Then I wanted to write more and started to critique the events I did – but not all of the events were in Orlando. Before much longer I wanted to make it a resource website for amputee athletes. Eventually, I made a website for my defunct high school and focused my time on it.

Fit Orlando, the website, is now owned by someone else. A bad move on my part; the domain is currently available for the bargain price of $1,295.

I will add a new link called Road Races on this website and include all of my previous critiques (with slight edits) from the Fit Orlando website. And when I do a race, I will write about those and post them there as well. Maybe someone will read them and say, “Hey Lara, will you critique road races for us?” and pay me millions of dollars for my opinion. Or, I can write about them for fun and keep coming to work every day.

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