Not Particularly Deep Thoughts, June

The World Cup has started and I have watched. I am surprised I watch, but as long as I am allowed to have ESPN 3 on at work, I figure it’s a nice distraction.

My younger brother went to a WC watch party on Saturday and ate the Bacon Explosion. Apparently he had trouble staying awake after consuming the international phenomenon. I wonder when, and if, his vegetarian, registered dietician wife will kiss him again.

The watch party I attended had plenty of good food and friends and a wall-sized television. I love the US goalkeeper, Tim Howard, but I am concerned with the way the Americans play defense. And offense.

After shopping for a new car and deciding exactly what I wanted (or narrowing it down to two choices) I was forced to hold off on my purchase. So I took a look at a different car this weekend.

I think the Porsche Panamera is within my reach. I was informed it is the only 4-door Porsche car on the market. I’ll wait on that one too, I’m really wanting a hatchback.

An interesting discussion with a friend resulted in the comment, “I don’t think we are old enough to drive a Cadillac.” I’ve always thought Cadillacs were for the ‘older’ generation. My brother thinks Eddie Bauer clothes are for old people but he likes to wear Brooks Brothers. He’s 30, which leads me to believe he might be slightly confused about what older men wear. I wonder if the Cadillac impression I have is limited to my friend and I. What is a ‘younger’ generation car brand? Honda? He did score the game-winning goal for Japan today in an upset over Cameroon.

A new restaurant close to where I live opened recently and I visited it. Flipdaddy’s serves burgers and beer. I got the El Paso burger (I think, their menu isn’t online) and it was one of the best burgers I have had in Cincinnati (the Greek Feta Cheeseburger at Chicago Gyro’s in Clifton is hands-down the best I’ve had in the ‘Nati).  The beer menu at Flipdaddy’s was impressive – the actual menu I mean. The name of the beer, the alcohol content, and the beer color were labeled on the menu. Of course I didn’t notice the last two perks until after I had ordered my usual Guinness.

A friend of mine had a birthday recently. I attended his birthday party and apparently, when opening birthday gifts it is required for the birthday ‘person’ to wear a bonnet.

I’m not sure of the background story behind it, but it sure was funny to see.

Two bloggers I follow and enjoy reading have moved on to bigger and better blogging. Josh will now be the NFL blogger for and C. Trent Rosecrans will be the MLB blogger for the same website. C. Trent says he will continue his TOL blog but I’m sure it will be in a limited version. And since I’m not a huge NFL fan or MLB fan I’m assuming my reading of their new blogs will be limited versions too. But I enjoyed their blogs while they were around.

And lastly, another friend has created a video to promote and inspire volunteering. She works for MetLife and as soon as she posts the video online I will share it. I got a sneak peek at it (for editing purposes) and am impressed by her dedication to volunteer and her work on the video.

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