Non-Cheering Fan

I may jerk my leg when something big happens, or “ooh” and “ahh,” but an all-out, hoot-and-holler just doesn’t happen from this lady. I can’t remember the last time I clapped at an event.

However, I have found myself, along with my boss and co-workers, absolutely cheering with joy during the World Cup. Moaning in disappointment, groaning at bad calls, downright fist-pumping, loud, unexpected bursts of celebration when USA is on the pitch. It is abnormal for us, and I like it.

I recently attended a Reds game with my co-workers as sort of an office bonding type of thing. While it didn’t completely work, I enjoyed my first baseball game from a suite. Free food is always a perk, and most of this stuff was delicious. I love deep-fried pickles. Anyway, the favorite co-worker of mine who dog-sat for a friend who’s dog had fleas attended the game with us, even though he doesn’t work in our office. We got there about an hour early and as we watched fans pile in to the stadium to their inferior seats I noted, “I’ve never been a big enough fan of any team to feel like I had to wear something representing that team to a game.”

“What do you mean,” he asked.

“Like, I love Marshall. But I never felt like I had to wear a Marshall jersey to a football game, or a Marshall polo, or even green for that matter.”

“Oh, so you mean somewhere besides where you work.”

“Yes. Obviously, I will wear UC stuff to UC games. But I’m not going as a fan.”

He says, “I’m not sure I own anything that is red that doesn’t say UC on it.”

“Although, when I was a kid we came to a Reds game and it was free jersey day at Riverfront Stadium,” he continued. “I was so excited to get that free uniform. We sat up in the top section of the stadium and, wouldn’t you know it, not an hour after I got my free shirt did a bird come along and poop on it. Every time I wore the shirt all I could think about was that bird poop.”

“Did you get the poop off?”

“Nope, just had to wear it with bird poop stains.”

And that could be why he is one of my favorite co-workers. He just tells it like it is – no sugar coating from that guy.

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