Half Down And Looking Good

fireworksI went to a birthday party last night and had one person tell me she could tell I majored in English because of the way I write (I guess that means my college professors should be proud, if they are still alive) and another person ask me when my next blog was coming.
I have been trying to think of things to write about that might be of interest to my 11 readers, but, as usual, it’s a struggle. I recently read a blog where the writer wrote about the first half of the year since it is July and officially half of 2010 is gone. I’ll do the same, only with my blog, you have to figure out which parts are reality. 

January: This was an awesome month. I began training for the 2010 Flying Pig Marathon for the second straight year. I went to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans and had an absolute blast, even though the trip was for work. I went skiing for the first time and loved it, except that I had to buy so much “stuff” in order to do it. I spent Christmas with my parents in Florida, since I missed it in December. I gained 20 pounds from eating M&Ms that people bought me for Christmas.

February: This was an amazing month. I discovered my true love for black olives. I watched Lance Stephenson climb the ladder and dunk over DePaul’s Mac Koshwal – one of the best dunks I have seen in person. I spent some quality time with a couple of black labs and decided I want a yellow lab, that I will name Lenny. And I want another dachshund, that I will name Jenny. I put my Spinning certification to use and began as an instructor at a local facility, shedding the 20 pounds from January. 

March: Ah, the birthday month. I turned 38 and while the number and increase in age bothered me more this year than it has other years, nothing makes me happier than when someone asks, “You are older than 30?!?” (like at the party I went to last night). I traveled to Detroit for work and was pretty much in shock that they had less snow in their city than we had in ours. And I found a bullet on the track of the facility we were going to be playing on later that day. I hosted a party at my house and didn’t have enough chairs for the three people that came. I did make a wonderful chicken dip that everyone except the vegetarian enjoyed. I made awesome plans for an awesome birthday dinner, only to have my friend bail on me at the last minute. Fortunately, some better friends came through and made me happy on my special day. I went to my second rollergirls game and I met the legendary Oscar Robertson in a parking garage. He’s tall.

April: I spent this month trying to lose the 15 pounds I gained from my birthday month. But it was a good month. I kept waiting for spring to actually arrive, but I don’t really remember it coming. In fact, I can only recall one spring since I have lived in the Queen City and I guess I remember it because my coworker stood beside his car and said, “This is why I don’t mind living here, for days like this.” I took a trip out to Indiana with my friends at their farm and planted some bushes and sunflowers. I started playing softball – a season which still has not ended – and I began my piano lessons (and this blog). I played ultimate Frisbee for the first time and accidentally broke a girl’s nose with one of my errant tosses of the disc. She was on my team. I attended my third Bearcat Bowl and met UC’s new football coach (just kidding, I still haven’t met him).

May: A glorious month, May. I went on a vacation! Those are awesome and I wish I could do it more often. On the way to Michigan I went 100 miles per hour and what a thrill that was – only the second time I’ve done that while driving, third time ever. I got a really long massage (read the blog about it) and I missed the Flying Pig Marathon – which is okay I guess. I played a bunch of golf and somehow managed to save par by hitting the flag on a chip shot, avoiding hitting over the green and landing two feet from the hole. I went to beautiful Hocking Hills and hiked and I attended Maifest with some old friends I am glad I was able to reconnect with (read the blog about it). I bought a guitar and have plans to learn how to play that when the weather turns cold. I discovered the joyous pleasure of cherries. I planted my second garden and my Hungarian wax peppers started to grow.

June: In June I ran a race every weekend but still haven’t lost any weight. My knees are killing me but I love the races and each one was special and unique in its own way. I would say I finished a 5k in 22:40, but no one would believe that, so why bother? I did a race that ended at Great American Ballpark, I did my first trail run, I raced in West Virginia, and I did the Hyde Park Blast for the second year. I went to a Reds game and met Johnny Bench, I started playing volleyball, I missed my first doctor’s appointment and that cost me a nice chunk of change. I played even more golf and discovered that I’m pretty sure I have a bone spur on my glaringly white feet. I started riding my road bike and, after figuring out how to change gears, enjoy doing that a lot.

So there it is, my first six months of 2010. Nothing could make me much happier than after writing all of that, work was not the main focus. That, my friends, is progress. I hope all of you have a wonderful second half of this year and that there is plenty more for me to write about in the final six months.

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