Tough pill to swallow

Today I received my second text asking me if I am willing to play in a basketball league that starts in March. I declined.

Despite searching as quickly as I possibly could when I moved to Columbus to find a women’s basketball league, I am resigning after one season. I hope I will be included on the pick-up text list so I can occasionally grab a game or two, but committing to a league was more than I was ready to do.

First, the last league I played in I had to be one of the oldest players. It was nice being in better shape than everyone else, but it was noticeable to me that my “game” had not developed, or even stayed where it was, over the years.

Second, I have this nagging knee problem that keeps threatening to get in the way of my training for a 10 mile race I am registered for in April and the additional training I will do for a half marathon later in the spring. If I can’t run because of my knee, I’d be crazy to try and play hoops.

Third, most of the people I am surrounded by at this point in my life keep telling me I am doing too much and my body can’t hold up. As much as I don’t want to believe them, if-ya hear something enough, it’s easy to start believing. I am attempting to bombard myself with motivational messages to keep going, but the fact is, my knee hurts and I don’t know what to do.

So I decided against basketball.

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