“No, and none of those options. But I understand from your suggestions that you live in Manhattan.”

How is it I always end up with tales to tell when I take the train home for the weekend?

“Yes, but only for a few…”

“NYU,” she interrupted. “I went to NYU.”

Baffled by the interruption, he stammered, “Oh. I guess I forgot that one.” He smiled, hoping to deter some of her angst, but she was still displaying signs of irritability. “Hey, I hope I’m not making you uncomfortable. I just noticed you were not fazed by all the commotion going on and thought I would ask why.”

Moments after his explanation and hope for intrusion forgiveness the attendant prepped to release the rope. Scuffling sounds amplified and increased in speed. Like a bull fighter, the attendant whisked one leg behind the other and flawlessly whipped back the rope and somehow remained in the clear of the stampede heading for the stairs.

Tony wrestled with his desire to rush with the others versus his curiosity of this carefree NYU grad. He wanted to offer to help her with her luggage, or something that would prove his genuine gentleman ways, but she had one bag and it was already on her shoulder. She hadn’t responded to his last comment so he had no idea if she even remembered it, once the people started scurrying to the stairs. “Well, it was nice chatting with you,” he said, thinking it wasn’t much of a conversation. “Have a safe trip.”

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