Childhood wounds

At some point people either had to throw off the wounds of their childhood or go through life permanently crippled. Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Fancy Pants

I have Sirius XM radio and Book Radio is one of the stations. Every morning I drove to the bus stop I would listen to the book Fancy Pants and every evening on my drive home I would return to the story. I was so moved by this quote that I didn’t hear the next few sentences. It was so true, in my mind, and it came from chick-lit. How was that possible, to have meaningful, moving moments while listening to a fictional girl-meets-boy romance narrative?

The woman’s wounds came from the loss of money and starting over. It wasn’t a tale of physical abuse or death. There wasn’t neglect, foster parents, drugs or any of the “normal” stereotypes one might conjure up when thinking of childhood wounds. It was rich, pretty person loses money in Britain, ends up in the US, meets a jerk, has a kid, starts over and makes it big. She makes the statement to the jerk because he won’t try anything that will advance his life out of fear of failure.

If he can’t win, he won’t play.

Wounds of our childhood can be one of the stereotypes, it can be financial loss and it can be winning. If winning as a child is preventing us from moving forward as adults, it is crippling. Don’t let your childhood wounds hold you back.

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