Season 1, Episode 2

Season 1, Episode 2 – “We’re in the Money”
Original air date, October 25, 1988

The mighty Milton Greyhounds earned their fifth straight win, defeating Huntington East, 75-54, on the road. I don’t have newspaper proof to know how many points I scored, or if I scored, and I have no recollection of the game.

Four days later Richie King was killed in a car accident and I remember stopping on Rt. 60, standing on the road wondering what had happened, the glare of the siren lights and the feeling of fear and concern as if it were yesterday.

My viewing of Roseanne will focus on the five senses – sight, sound, touch, taste and smell – hoping to discover a better understanding of my perception of the show.

Touch dominates the episode. In the opening credits, which is different because DJ is different and maybe because Crystal is going to be more of a prominent character, there is a pinky-wrestling between Dan and Roseanne, there is pushing all around and again, Dan kisses Roseanne to prompt the signature laugh that isn’t the signature laugh.

Roseanne rubs Darlene’s hair and they hug, she picks up DJ and puts him on her lap. Becky kisses Roseanne after she gets a new pair of jeans. Darlene picks up DJ to put him on a homemade teeter-totter to attempt liftoff. When Dan gets advance money for winning a bid on a job, Roseanne slaps him in celebration and the kids hi-five.

Two episodes in, it seems irrelevant to record when pushing and shoving occurs. It’s a clear sign of affection in their family dynamic.

Dan rubs Roseanne’s shoulders when trying to figure out what to do with their extra money. His kisses her wrist and forehead.

Dan pats Darlene on the head kisses Roseanne when she gets home – it’s evident that isn’t something he normally does. When the two are scrapping to see who most unwisely spent the money, Dan pulls Roseanne back into the kitchen. The episode ends with Dan giving Roseanne a foot rub on the couch. He wants her to return the favor but agrees to do three more minutes since she gave him children.

When Roseanne visits a store to check out the perfume she would buy if they had extra money, we are introduced to the blank stare for laughs and it works. The differences in status and style between the sales person and Roseanne, just by her blankly staring and saying nothing, is completely evident.

Roseanne drinks tea, noticeable from the tea bag on the side of her cup. Dan continues to drink beer and both of them eat pork rinds in celebration of Dan’s winning bid. Crystal drinks coffee and the three of them have donuts and cookies during a break room visit at work.

Unlike last episode, smell is evident. When Roseanne goes shopping for perfume we are introduced to so many references at once it was hard to record them all. Fragrance layering, after bath splash, the right perfume can help you get a man…each led to the blank stare mentioned above.

The shrill ring of the phone was heard but, sound played a more pivotal role in this episode. Dan knew he wanted to buy a bell for the boat he is building in the garage (the equivalent of his man cave) and he, like Roseanne, agreed not to make the purchase but did. He is busted by Darlene, which causes he to drop the bell and coerce her to not tell on him. He realizes Roseanne bought the perfume and yells to scare her which causes her to scream, caught red-handed with the perfume. As Dan attempts to negotiate a peaceful solution to the problematic purchases, all while denying he bought the bell, DJ prances through the kitchen ringing the bell proudly and outing Dan’s lie and closing the argument scene.

Additional notes:

  • The real DJ appears and he is just flat out adorable
  • The hiss-not-howl laugh is in the intro
  • Dan asks Roseanne what she would buy with 50 bucks and she responded, new kids. That made me laugh.
  • The start of Jackie saying, you know what your problem is, begins
  • Dan visibly sweats
  • The scene where Roseanne explains how she saves money by scrambling up how she pays the bills is currently part of the ‘famous scenes’ being used to promote the new show.

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