Season 1, Episode 6

Season 1, Episode 6 – “Lovers’ Lane”
Original air date, December 6, 1988

It was a rare break in my athletic life as basketball season had ended and volleyball games had not commenced. I imagine I was thick in the proving myself stage of volleyball practice, which for some reason seems like it might have been later than basketball practice (but who can remember?). I don’t recall this episode or much about volleyball season in general.

My viewing of Roseanne will focus on the five senses – sight, sound, touch, taste and smell – hoping to discover a better understanding of my perception of the show.

The opening scene is in the break room at work, which has more tables. Jackie jokes that they are trying to eat when Pete walks in saying hello. Pete eats a sandwich standing. He talks with his mouth full. Roseanne eats a snack and drinks coffee. Crystal has jello, Booker has coffee.
When Crystal is undecided on whether she will join the gang bowling Roseanne asks – what are you going to do, go home and check expiration date on all dairy products?

Roseanne drinks a beer at the bowling alley. Booker drinks a beer. Darlene tells Becky to go buy some popcorn in order to give her confidence to talk to Chip. At the concession stand, Roseanne asks if they have pretzels and Chip tells her they have popcorn and pretzels. Roseanne then changes her voice to order beef jerky and pretzels because Becky was there talking to Chip. Roseanne winks at Becky and looks at her as if to say with her eyes, you’re welcome, when she didn’t out herself as Becky’s mom (sight) or that Becky was lying to Chip when she told him her parents dropped her off.

Jackie opens bag of pretzels and eats and throws them at Roseanne.


At home, Roseanne yells to the group to shake a leg (sound) and Dan lifts his leg off the couch. Roseanne grabs it and acts like she is breaking it. Roseanne pulls on Dan’s shirt. Darlene and DJ come in asking for money – and Roseanne tells them, “not until I hear the magic word.” Darlene says, now, in an uncertain tone which made me laugh. Roseanne says, no the magic word and the kids squawk, Pleaassee. Roseanne pushes Dan (touch) to pay off the kids for being obedient. He hisses at the amount.

Roseanne is super loud and inappropriate when Dan tries to bowl. The live audience claps when Booker doesn’t hold Jackie to their bet. Dan tries to distract Roseanne with loud noises and weird tongue flapping.

At work and as part of a poor joke, Roseanne grabs Pete’s arm telling him he has redefined manhood for her.

As the family is about to leave for the bowling alley, Dan tells Roseanne to feel his hand because there was a 200 point game pulsating through it. She grabs his hand and says “Let’s not waste it on bowling” and pulls him quickly towards the bedroom. Actually, it was pretty hilarious – especially since it is 1988 – and Roseanne appeared to have laughed at her daring tongue-in-cheek joke.

Darlene tries to negotiate more money for giving details on Becky’s boyfriend. Roseanne grabs her jacket and pulls on her in a threatening manner. Dan pulls Darlene around and into the chair by her hood to get the scoop.

Darlene teases Becky over Chip and sounds like a chicken repeating his name (sound). They run around the couch to and from each other. Roseanne grabs Becky, strokes her, and asks for more information about Chip.

At the bowling alley, Dan grabs Roseanne to go pick out a ball. Jackie and Booker shake hands on a bowling bet. Roseanne and Dan butt bump when he has a good bowl, which we only know from his reaction that it was good.

Darlene grabs her mom in order to secretly tell her who Chip is and to get her to stop dancing at the bowling alley. Roseanne drags in DJ to the bowling bullpen and he is covered in ice cream that he was saving for later. Roseanne wipes his face. Roseanne consoles Crystal by patting her hand (for being so bad). Crystal’s kid(?) does the same.

At home, Roseanne rubs Dan’s bowling arm as he watches wrestling. They have soda and chips. Dan proves to Roseanne he’s a wrestler, putting her in holds, jumping over the couch kisses her head for the “win.”

Additional notes:

  • Becky calls Roseanne mother.
  • Dan visibly sweats.
  • Darlene mentions Becky’s boyfriend Chip.
  • Roseanne says ‘for reals’
  • Jackie’s perm looks gone
  • Jackie laughed at Roseanne at the bowling alley and it didn’t sound scripted
  • Dan says he was a good wrestler in high school, Damaging Dan Conner

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