Season 1, Episode 7

Season 1, Episode 7 – “The Memory Game”
Original air date, December 13, 1988

It was the night before the first volleyball match of the 1988 season. The Greyhounds took on the Barboursville Pirates in a scrimmage but I don’t recall any specifics.

My viewing of Roseanne will focus on the five senses – sight, sound, touch, taste and smell – hoping to discover a better understanding of my perception of the show.

Dan has a beer on the table while on the phone. Roseanne unpacks groceries and shows Dan two cans of corn, prompting “Oh great, cream style.”

At work in the break room Jackie has a cola and some corn chips. Roseanne gives a little shove when trying to take some of the chips from her. Crystal eats a carrot and has celery. Jackie has a sandwich, Crystal snacks on a pudding cup.

Jackie has what looks like a cup of coffee.

Dan puts his arm around Roseanne when he explains he wants to get a family photo. As the discussion gets more in depth, Dan bumps his belly into Roseanne and leans in for a hug, not letting her go.

DJ tells Roseanne he’s a cowboy and she disagrees, contorting his face, grabbing him by the arms and tossing him into the chair beside the couch.

Dan pinches Darlene’s cheek when telling her she can’t wear sunglasses in the family photo. Dan picks up DJ and holds him above his head calling him “Daddy’s little man.” Dan nudges Darlene into place for the photo.

Dan puts his arms on Roseanne’s shoulders when complimenting her outfit. Roseanne gets help from Becky with her necklace and asks her not to choke her.

Roseanne leans in to hug Dan when they discuss the last time they had a professional photo taken. Dan hugs back.

Becky nudges Roseanne to explain when she fell in love with Dan. She grabs Becky’s head and covers her ears when Dan notes that they were only five years older than her when they fell in love.

Dan shakes Bob the photographer’s hand. DJ has his hands on Dan’s back (that’s all we can see of him) and Dan puts his arm around him when asking him to do a bladder check. Roseanne enters and shake’s Bob’s hand. Dan puts his hand on Roseanne’s arm when encouraging her to stop fighting with him and take the family picture.

Dan sits on the couch explaining why he was with the other girl in high school during their breakup. He gets under the afghan with her and apologizes, putting his arm around her and ending the scene.

The tv is on loud and DJ twirls a rope and throws it at Darlene. Roseanne sings a song as she plops down on the couch. Roseanne tells Dan his ‘tail’s really waggin’ over this picture’ and he barks like a dog in agreement.

The workers all yell and chant strike when Booker tells them he’ll get them paper products. They clap when Booker tells Pete to get some towels.

The family oohs and ahhs when Roseanne comes into the room dressed for the photo. Roseanne chomps on bubble gum as if nothing special is happening.

Dan and Roseanne are drawn into the kitchen by laughter from Jackie and the kids.

The doorbell rings and everyone scatters to answer it, prompting Dan to yell loudly that he’ll get the door.

Bob comes into the kitchen clapping his hands to get the two adults to take the photo.
Dan and Roseanne sing a twangy song at the kitchen table.

Dan disagrees with Roseanne’s theory that he flared his nostrils out because he thought it made him look mean. He states that he did it because of the way the other guys smelled.

Roseanne tells Jackie she needs to do a better job bleaching her mustache, it’s coming in darker (sight). Roseanne and Dan argue over which photo to send to the high school reunion committee and she tells him his face is his regular face. He says he doesn’t look like that. The end the episode with a quick flash of the family picture.

Additional Notes:

  • Someone smokes at the table during break at work.
  • DJ is hilarious with facial expressions and mocking Dan during the family placement before the photo.
  • Jackie’s perm is back and the demeanor between her and Dan seems off. Maybe this was released out of sequence?
  • Dan visibly sweats.
  • Jackie and Roseanne chomp gum in a tacky, sloppy way.
  • Dan calls Roseanne Rosie.
  • Dan states he’s proud of them being married 15 years.

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