Season 1, Episode 8

Season 1, Episode 8 – Here’s to Good Friends
Original air date, December 20, 1988

Reviewing Roseanne to understand when my favor for the show took a massive hiatus. Job, sports, gaining weight, losing weight – combined with the research necessary to figure out what I sport I was playing as a child when the episode aired made it beyond easy to just, let it go.

Here’s to Good Friends aired in December, 1988 – my junior year of high school. I was likely on a small break between sports or in the middle of volleyball season before conference games. As a refresher, my viewing of Roseanne will focus on the five senses – sight, sound, touch, taste and smell – hoping to discover a better understanding of my perception of the show.

Because of the winter weather, the kids listen to the radio for school closing. Roseanne cheers loudly when it isn’t. She jumps up and down hitting Dan.

Roseanne packs sandwiches for the kids’ lunches. She puts oatmeal in Dan’s cereal bowl.

At work, Jackie and Roseanne discuss how cold it is with Roseanne saying she kissed Dan and her tongue got stuck to him. Crystal is stirring a hot beverage while pouring instant flavor into the cup.

As the ladies warm up before clocking in, Pete checks to see if there is any heat coming out of the vent and gets sleazy with Jackie, suggesting he has all the heat she needs. Booker enters to send Pete with the task of checking the fuse box.

Roseanne has a one-eye eye roll when Pete flirts with Jackie. It, combined with Pete’s general creepiness, suggests disgust.

Jackie runs to Booker to inform him she got tickets to the auto show but Booker awkwardly mentions he can’t go and it’s because his mother is in town. Jackie gives him the tickets and throws a mountain of guilt his way, returning to the ladies in the break room.

Crystal asks Roseanne is she has something for a headache and is told, yeah, three screaming kids. With her eyes, Roseanne looks at Sylvia and all her pills, staring at her action of unpacking pill bottles (to share with coworkers) and repacking them in her purse as if to say she’s watching a weirdo.

At home, Roseanne gets a call from Crystal and convinces her to go to the Lobo Lounge to talk about her problems. She informs Dan he is staying home with the kids which he celebrates with a “Weeee.”

Upon leaving she states that she’s told Crystal to give up on romance and get married to which Dan replies, it worked for us. Roseanne blows him a kiss with an exaggerated smack of the lips.

At the bar there is beer, peanuts and a pink squirrel drink for Crystal.

Roseanne works with Crystal so she can learn how to turn down a man. Roseanne is playing a man, pulling up her pants, burping, throwing terrible compliments her way. When Crystal does a poor job at rejection, Jackie plays the man so Roseanne can show Crystal how to say no.

Jackie puts her arm around Roseanne, closing in on her like a pervert and then notices her large breasts, unable to continue with compliments – like a man – and Roseanne fires off three quick rejections in one breath.

At home, Dan and the kids eat popcorn and have soda on the table. Dan tosses DJ around in celebration of the football game.

The girls notice Booker at the bar with another woman. Jackie confronts Booker and he nearly chokes on his beer. Jackie pretends she is his wife, interfering enough that his date ends up tossing pretzels on him. Booker’s date leaves and he decides to stay and talk with Jackie after she informs him that the way they treat each other has nothing to do with the way they feel about each other.

The crowd at bar goes wild over the televised football game and Booker lifts Jackie in the air in celebration. While talking, Booker eats pretzels. Crystal eats an orange slice from her drink and orders a gooey cheese pizza. The girls stare at a man’s hot butt (sight) when the server leaves with the order.

Roseanne comes home from the bar to find Dan and Darlene discussing the book report she was charged to complete. Roseanne has snow in her hair and on her coat, knocking it off as she gets comfortable inside.

Darlene is proud of her work and Roseanne spoils her glory by informing her there won’t be school tomorrow because of all the snow. The scene ends with the three of them belting out Nooo!

Additional Notes:

The only corn reference was corn nuts on the bar table.
The bartender calls Roseanne Rosie.
Jackie’s perm is back.
Crystal’s son’s name is Lonnie.
Roseanne appears to have on earrings that are skillets.
End of show is music and photos from the bar scene.

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