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And then, New York

With my Starbucks experience under my belt, I moved to New York to work at St. John’s University as the graphic designer for the athletics department. Of course I wasn’t called the graphic designer or paid like a graphic designer, that would cost too much money. My working title was Publications Coordinator but my official title was Assistant Athletics Communications… Read more →

Smile, part two

I started working road races for extra money. I wanted to buy a house and needed a down payment. All of the money I made had a predetermined life so I needed a gig for some extra cash. As long as I was willing to wake up at 3 a.m. and do random grunt work I could begin my down… Read more →

What’s in a smile

My first job was as a sports information intern at the University of Central Florida. I wanted to work in college athletics and I wanted to work with a women’s basketball team. After 17 interviews in two days at the annual sports information director’s conference (CoSIDA), I ended up at UCF for that perfect opportunity. I was told I was… Read more →

What not to drink

Reading the article, This Is Your Body On A Can Of Soda | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation (which is basically an introduction to an infographic, not an actual article) I learned two interesting things: High Fructose Corn Syrup has its own website. There is a website from Coca-Cola called the Beverage Institute for Health & Wellness. I’m still undecided about creating blog… Read more →


Twitter is not the only medium for trending. There are trends in clothing (remember parachute pants?), cars (everyone wanted an SUV), jewelry (friendship bracelets), music (where did R&B go?), hairstyles (mullets, perms), TV shows (reality TV won’t go away), phones (rotary vs. push button), cell phones (they were big, then tiny, now big again), and I’m sure books (I can’t… Read more →

Travel code

I’m traveling today and a road sign caught my attention. The sign read, Cooper Sch Rd, reminding me of a road trip I took when I worked at the University of Central Florida. I was the Communications Director, which was the formal title for unofficial, underpaid athletics department graphic designer. The women’s basketball team was heading to New York city… Read more →

Tough pill to swallow

Today I received my second text asking me if I am willing to play in a basketball league that starts in March. I declined. Despite searching as quickly as I possibly could when I moved to Columbus to find a women’s basketball league, I am resigning after one season. I hope I will be included on the pick-up text list… Read more →