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Smile, part two

I started working road races for extra money. I wanted to buy a house and needed a down payment. All of the money I made had a predetermined life so I needed a gig for some extra cash. As long as I was willing to wake up at 3 a.m. and do random grunt work I could begin my down… Read more →


Twitter is not the only medium for trending. There are trends in clothing (remember parachute pants?), cars (everyone wanted an SUV), jewelry (friendship bracelets), music (where did R&B go?), hairstyles (mullets, perms), TV shows (reality TV won’t go away), phones (rotary vs. push button), cell phones (they were big, then tiny, now big again), and I’m sure books (I can’t… Read more →

Road Racin’

I have spent years and years trying to figure out my dream job. I’m happy where I am, I like what I do, but for the better part of my career I was either miserable or borderline content with my chosen profession. People would say, “What have you always wanted to do?” or “Do what you love and it won’t… Read more →

Flying Pig Sunday

I went out to watch some of the Flying Pig runners this morning. I figured it was better to do that than to keep lying in bed doing nothing. I almost felt bad that I didn’t run any parts of the 2010 Flying Pig when I saw all the runners doing their thing – pushing through, finding distractions, moving despite… Read more →