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Full size truck why did you run

I work at Nationwide and I love our jingle, Nationwide is on your side. I’ve loved Peyton Manning since his college days and still have his senior year media guide from Tennessee. So you can imagine that I thoroughly enjoy the television commercials that are out now…chicken parm you taste so good, losing feeling in my toes, fifty Omaha set… Read more →

Other Two

Gerald was LC jr.’s best friend, dating back to their high school days. They went to the same college and spent most of their weekends living the good, bachelor life. LC jr. had the looks but Gerald had the personality, the ego, and the confidence to start a conversation with anyone. He parlayed those qualities into a successful career which… Read more →

Authority on manners

When I lived in New York I took a quick flight back to Florida one weekend and sat beside a man who was so excited about a used book he found. I didn’t understand his excitement, it was a book about giraffes and monkeys and looked like nothing I would read. But it was rare, he said, and was a… Read more →

Half Down And Looking Good

I went to a birthday party last night and had one person tell me she could tell I majored in English because of the way I write (I guess that means my college professors should be proud, if they are still alive) and another person ask me when my next blog was coming. I have been trying to think of… Read more →

Not Particularly Deep Thoughts, June

The World Cup has started and I have watched. I am surprised I watch, but as long as I am allowed to have ESPN 3 on at work, I figure it’s a nice distraction. My younger brother went to a WC watch party on Saturday and ate the Bacon Explosion. Apparently he had trouble staying awake after consuming the international… Read more →

More Not Particularly Deep Thoughts

While watching hockey (why?) this weekend I noticed an African American player on the Canadiens team. Our office has often discussed the number of African American hockey players in the NHL, but I wondered how many, if any, African American NASCAR drivers are active. “I should write a book on the history of African American NASCAR drivers,” I joked. “It… Read more →

Not Particularly Deep Thoughts

I am certain that piano class will be pretty much the same as it has been each week, and probably a lot like last week since I didn’t make time to practice again. I will attempt to write this week’s blog different from all the other weeks, mimicking one of my favorite blogs, Thinking Out Loud. Of course I will… Read more →