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Nanowrimo Day 1

It doesn’t matter that the alarm clock hasn’t clamored on, the sun is beaming through both the north and east windows of the crammed bedroom, doing its best to encourage the day to start. People who don’t live in Florida think the sun will cure any of their issues. Have trouble getting out of bed and going to work? Move… Read more →


It’s amazing how much dust can stir through the air when a working mother is rushing to get her children ready for a life changing event. Every blouse thrown from the closet into the bedroom causes tiny specks to dance through the air, visible in the glowing light sparkling through a dirty window. The vocabulary of frustration expressed when trying… Read more →

Nanowrimo wrap

Today is the last day of the National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo) competition. I “competed” to write 50,000 words in 30 days in 2011 but spent more time thinking about my content and wrote 501 words before giving up. I never posted my content and I was disappointed with my effort. In 2012 I started strong and was doing well.… Read more →


“How did I start working in athletics?” she repeated. There really was no way around explaining, or staying vague. But she would try. “Well, I went to NYU to play basketball. I played three years before quitting – I wasn’t a big fan of the coach and she wasn’t a big fan of me – and I spent my last… Read more →


“How long have you been working for Bic?” she asked. “Hmm, let me think,” he said, contemplating his answer. “Oh I guess it’s been 12 years now.” She couldn’t believe he had worked anywhere for 12 years, his fit body and youthful appearance suggested otherwise. “I guess you have only worked at Bic then?” “Yes,” he responded, trying to cover… Read more →


She wondered if three hours would be enough time to explain the type of work she does. Not that her work was hard to understand, it just seemed that conversation led to so many questions and went down so many paths and all she wanted to do was read (listen) to a book while looking out the window. “I work… Read more →


In a matter of minutes the passenger car was filling with travelers. Businessmen heading home, businessmen heading out for work, college students, curious travelers, confused foreigners hoping they were in the right place despite the fact they wouldn’t have been permitted on board unless they were in the right place, all found seats and places to put their luggage. With… Read more →


As usual the crowd of people dispersed in seconds and she followed behind preppy, loafer boy. She was a patient person, she thought, but she couldn’t come to terms with the hurry-up-and-wait process by which so many people lived. Traveling always brings out the best of people’s patience. She was grateful that her job did not require her to travel… Read more →


“No, and none of those options. But I understand from your suggestions that you live in Manhattan.” How is it I always end up with tales to tell when I take the train home for the weekend? “Yes, but only for a few…” “NYU,” she interrupted. “I went to NYU.” Baffled by the interruption, he stammered, “Oh. I guess I… Read more →


School, he thought. Life was so easy in college, even for a chronic school-bouncer like him. A few struggles with that pesky SAT landed him at a community college before transferring to Kentucky State with the intent to walk-on as a baseball player. Catcher, to be exact. KSU had good pitchers, he could shine as a catcher and possibly make… Read more →