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Piano Blog Presented By…

Tonight was my last piano class. It was a bit of a cluster as our professor left at 7 p.m. to go look for a new car and a second professor took over. She clearly teaches a different way than Alex and most of us were confused in the last half hour, trying to roll with her way of guiding… Read more →

Final Four Class

I am a day behind on writing this blog, and in general it seems as though I am a day behind. I guess that’s what taking Monday off from work will do to a person. Despite having an extra day to generate interesting material, I am a bit stumped. I recently attended a casual dinner party and one of the… Read more →

Before The Class

My older brother came to visit yesterday and we had some fun with the keyboard, showing each other what we know how to play. Of course, I can play nothing, but I showed him what I know how to do and he played a few things and spoke “music” to me. I asked him if he could read music and… Read more →

Day Two

Today started like any other day, waking up late and having plans to start a new diet plan, hoping for a quick fix. Today’s quick-fix was a cleansing that started with 32 ounces of salt water. I think I drank about 20 ounces before my co-worker sent me a message that said, “Let’s go to KFC and get the double-down.”… Read more →

Today’s Song

Space Dog, Tori Amos Listen, it’s gorgeous Wake up Mr. Microphone Show us all what you don’t know Centuries secret societies He’s our commander still. Space dog So sure we were on something Your feet are finally on the ground he said So sure we were on something Your feet are just on the ground girl Rain and snow, our… Read more →

Day One

Today marked the first day of my piano lessons. I received a phone call in the morning to inform me that 10 minutes will be added to each class to compensate for the lost time of next week – because we won’t have class. I ran over to the bookstore to buy the required text for the course and found… Read more →

Piano Blogging

So this is it, my website dedicated to a blog. I’ve never really been a reader of blogs but I have often thought I would entertain myself by writing one. The problem always seemed to be, in addition to lack of time, a reliable subject to write about on a regular basis. A “friend” of mine on Facebook recently posted… Read more →