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More Not Particularly Deep Thoughts

While watching hockey (why?) this weekend I noticed an African American player on the Canadiens team. Our office has often discussed the number of African American hockey players in the NHL, but I wondered how many, if any, African American NASCAR drivers are active. “I should write a book on the history of African American NASCAR drivers,” I joked. “It… Read more →

Final Four Class

I am a day behind on writing this blog, and in general it seems as though I am a day behind. I guess that’s what taking Monday off from work will do to a person. Despite having an extra day to generate interesting material, I am a bit stumped. I recently attended a casual dinner party and one of the… Read more →

Before The Class

My older brother came to visit yesterday and we had some fun with the keyboard, showing each other what we know how to play. Of course, I can play nothing, but I showed him what I know how to do and he played a few things and spoke “music” to me. I asked him if he could read music and… Read more →

Day Two

Today started like any other day, waking up late and having plans to start a new diet plan, hoping for a quick fix. Today’s quick-fix was a cleansing that started with 32 ounces of salt water. I think I drank about 20 ounces before my co-worker sent me a message that said, “Let’s go to KFC and get the double-down.”… Read more →

Class-less Tuesday

No piano class tonight so I thought I would recap my wide world of sports this weekend. It might be better labeled wild world of sports simply because of the variety. On Friday my job required me to work the UC-Georgetown lacrosse game. Lacrosse is a pretty fun sport to watch. I determine a sport being fun to watch based… Read more →

Day One

Today marked the first day of my piano lessons. I received a phone call in the morning to inform me that 10 minutes will be added to each class to compensate for the lost time of next week – because we won’t have class. I ran over to the bookstore to buy the required text for the course and found… Read more →