Tag: University of Cincinnati Athletics

Digital Billboard

New assistant coach Kerry Coombs, a Cincinnati native and longtime area high school coach, wanted a photograph of the local players on the team. The marketing folks pounced on this golden opportunity to sell Cincinnati pride — along with football season tickets. This ad was seen along Interstate 75 as part of a rotating digital billboard. Read more →

Nippert Scoreboard

Nippert Stadium, nestled in the middle of the University of Cincinnati’s campus is the second oldest college football playing site in the nation. It has old-time stadium charm and renovations enabled it to remain a classic showplace for college football. In 2005, an impressive video scoreboard was installed and in the 2008 season the marketing team wanted a slide that… Read more →

Bearcats Van

The University of Cincinnati wanted to redesign the artwork on its athletics marketing van, updating it to be less player specific and more brand focused. The van was used as for the Bearcats Caravan that traveled to different locations promoting UC athletics. Read more →

Mountain Dew Can

The University of Cincinnati worked with Pepsi to advertise season tickets and mini-ticket plans for basketball season. Working with the season theme that was in place, and using the inordinate amount of text the ticket office required as part of the ad, I created two ads on Mountain Dew cans. Read more →